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Staff Favorites

La Ree Hephaestus inspired by Stéphane Humbert Lucas 777® God of fire



La Ree Adirondak Spring inspired by Bond 9® Greenwich Village

Adirondak Spring


La Ree Springtime in Japan inspired by Tom Ford® Plum Japonais

Springtime in Japan


La Ree King Agar inspired by Creed® Royal Oud

King Agar


La Ree Campfire Cherry inspired by Tom Ford® Cherry Smoke

Campfire Cherry


La Ree 9 of Hearts inspired by Baccarat Rouge 540

9 of Hearts


La Ree Successful inspired by Creed® Aventus



La Ree StrawBerry Her Potion Inspired by Burberry® Her Elixir

StrawBerry Her Potion


La Ree Private Beach inspired by Creed® Virgin Island Water

Private Beach


La Ree Oud Cigar inspired by Tom Ford® Tobacco Oud

Oud Cigar


La Ree Confident Love inspired by Kilian® Love Don't Be Shy

Confident Love


La Ree Coastal Breeze inspired by LV Pacific Chill

Coastal Breeze