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La Ree Hephaestus inspired by Stéphane Humbert Lucas 777® God of fire

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La Ree King Agar inspired by Creed® Royal Oud

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La Ree Tales of Troy Inspired by Nishane® ANI

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La Ree Hephaestus inspired by Stéphane Humbert Lucas 777® God of fire

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La Ree Hephaestus inspired by Stéphane Humbert Lucas 777® God of fire

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La Ree Springtime in Japan inspired by Tom Ford® Plum Japonais

I never ordered from La Ree before this one, I bought this particular perfume after a social media & YouTuber I follow spoke very highly of it. She reviews fragrances and is always very honest in her reviews "IamNoelle". I knew I could trust her, but even still my expectations were surpassed!! This is so good, I can't tell you how close it is to the now discontinued Tom Ford Plum Japonais, its identical. She has mentioned this 2 separate times so you know she was impressed. Delivery was also very quick, I am now a La ree customer for life.

Absolutely amazing. I will be a returning customer for sure. The scent is on-point, and the sample you included, may very well be my next purchase. Love it. Thank you again for the wonderful communication, prompt shipping and beautiful scent.

La Ree Successful inspired by Creed® Aventus

I have a habit of ordering every Aventus clone out there, after a few hours with this one on I can say it's my favorite one yet. Great job

Every clone I have smelled of virgin island water has been mid at best, until this one from La Ree Fragrances, finally a great clone exists

Since seeing this on their instagram I was waiting to get it, so I ordered this one the day it became available. Being a fan of Burberry Her I've been wanting to try the elixir release but $$ has been tight!! So I knew I needed this. It's perfect, I have sampled the elixir literally any time I'm at a sephora or Ulta. Having tried this now I see no reason to pay for the expensive one. SUPER IMPRESSED

This is a great replica to Tom Ford lost cherry, smells the same to my nose. Can't wait to try their Cherry Smoke version

Most our scents are Extract/Parfum by default, & we only use ultra premium tier ingredients

Almost all our fragrances are Parfum/Extract strength without any uncharge in price. Unlike many fragrance companies, we opt for only using the highest tier in our fragrances. So you get the cleanest, highest quality, that is the closest resemblance to all our inspired designer, & niche scents. So while our inspired scents may cost more than other clone sites, know that we never opt for the cheaper "generic" ingredients, and we never charge more for Extract/Parfum strength.